Iron Edge Skating has worked with hundreds of young skaters. We each have our own children who have participated in learn to skate, hockey and figure skating. We have both coached Mini Mite (6U) hockey practices.

Our experience is that the readiness of each child can vary greatly but - in general - we recommend the following:

When is my child ready for skating?

Age 3

At this age most are not ready to participate in a structured class environment. While Iron Edge Skating does not allow 3 year olds in classes, for some it can be a great time to introduce them to the ice. There are many options for open skating and outdoor rinks. 

Age 4

This is a great time to participate in learn to skate classes. Iron Edge Skating has classes in the Fall, Winter and Spring. We see the most success in skaters who have enrolled in multiple classes and practice their skills at open skating and/or outdoor rinks.

When is my child ready for hockey?

Age 5

If your child has completed at least one learn to skate class and is enrolled in Kindergarten, we believe this is an appropriate time to participate in a Mini Mite or 6U hockey program. Many skaters will continue with learn to skate classes to improve their skating skills.

Final Thoughts

As children age and mature they become stronger and are able to follow basic skating or hockey instruction. Skating is the most important skill in hockey and it is imperative that young skaters who aspire to play hockey complete a learn to skate program before entering organized hockey. Stickhandling, passing and shooting are difficult when basic skating skills have not been achieved.

These recommendations have the best interest of the skater in mind - we want nothing but success for our skaters and hockey players. Putting a child in skating or hockey when they are not ready can cause frustrations for skaters/players, parents and coaches.

We wish everyone the very best in their skating and hockey journey.